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Posted on: 03 Apr, 12 04:25:12 pm
... from myfamilybiz


Diesel and Petrol price is rising sharply all over the world. Every body is looking to get relief from this.The fuel market is 1000s of crores. Syntek Global has developed a Proven,times tested more than 20 years,Patent and EPA registered,satisfaction guaranteed fuel Additive that has created a great opportunity to save money up to 25% on diesel and Petrol ( Upto Rs 9/- per liter and Rs 6/- per Diesel) and Earn some very exciting 8 ways of incredible incomes with monthly 20 lakhs to 80 lakhs capping along with some spectacular rewards like free USA corporate tour,Diamond watch,Mercedes Car and many more. This is going to be a Massive opportunity for serious Net workers/MLM leaders/Visionaries. Hurry Up Take on this Opportunity and make your dreams reality. Only serious leaders are requested to contact. Chandra ,Founder of Syntek Global Team India , +91 9178241912 ,Blog: www.syntek4all.blogspot.com, web: www.syntekglobal.com

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