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Posted on: 18 Jan, 12 11:48:27 am
... from myfamilybiz

New Direct Sales MNC, Great Opportunity

Syntek Global! Giant MLM Company from USA launching this month!!! 1st time introduced in India Unique Product -Extreme Fuel Treatment- that saves up to 20 percentage fuel cost ( Diesel, Petrol) based on Nobel Prize winning Organometallic chemistry used by NASA .Product is 100% Satisfaction guarantee or Money back. Fuel price is rising very fast and every one wants a relief from that. This product meet this need of millions people of our country .It was never before in MLM History. Awesome compensation plan .9 streams of incomes . Earn from few $ to million dollars monthly residual income. Great opportunity for Leaders to start a very innovative, unique , lucrative business at the ground level. I am a core distributor of this business in Indian Operation. Any leaders interested for this Project call now. Chandrakant , Mob- 9178241912, E-mail- [email protected], Skype: chandrakanta9, www.syntekglobal.com/

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