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Vestige has been set up with the focus in mind to provide what every individual in the field of Direct has been looking forward and searching but could not find. We can assure you that your search ends here with the right Marketing Plan, the extremely
good quality products at the right price which ensures that the products move in the network regularly and ensure you a regular income.

Our quality range of Health, Wellness and Personal care products is the result of years of extensive research and has been made especially for the Indian consumer. We have over 24 branches, 1100 distribution centers and over Four lakh distributors across India.

Vestige lives up to its core purpose, which is to help you live a life of economic independence on your own terms; to fill your life with WELLTH - Wealth through wellness..

Company Name:

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Address :

A-94/3 • 1st Floor
Okhla Industrial Area


Phase II • New Delhi-110 020




[email protected]



Established Year:


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